Mencare Mondays: Skincare Isn’t Just For Women

Affiliate Disclosure So let me start of by saying that after speaking with a lot of male friends; many of them do not have a set skincare routine of any kind. They just tend to use whatever cleanser, soap and skip to using lotion as a face moisturizer. While this was not the case for ALL, it was definitely not surprising to know that men do not really do the whole skincare routines.

With that being said, let’s get into some BASIC skincare tips for men.  First, find your skin type. Our fellow blogger Aprill of has a great resource for you here. Once you figure out your skin type, creating a skincare routine becomes a lot easier because you find out what your face needs.

Second tip, use a gentle cleanser for your face. Don’t use the same soaps you would wash your body with because your face and your body have different needs. Be sure to stay away from cleansers that strip your face of all moisture, as it doesn’t mean your face is super clean and taking away all the natural oils can mess up your skin’s PH (Potential Hydrogen). Using a cleanser based on your skin needs is very important to maintaining your skin.

In addition to cleansing, try adding a toner to your skincare routine. Toners are great for refreshing your skins PH. They are excellent for people with oily or acne prone skin as well. If you have dry skin, in general stay away from alcohol based toners as they dry your skin out even more.

Lastly, two basic products needed in a skincare routine is a facial moisturizer (not your body lotion) and SPF. Yes men, even you need sunscreen daily. While this routine is not the entire 10 step routine in full, starting off with these simple tips could definitely get your skincare ball rolling fellas.

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  1. I plan on getting hubby on a simple regimen because he’s the only one in the house that don’t use actual face products. Currently working with my teenage boys and their skin care needs.

  2. Occasionally, I watch some subbed Korean reality shows, and those male Korean celebrities have more complicated skin routines than me!! It really depends on culture!

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