How To Get Into K-Beauty Without Going Broke

I often get questions on how to start a K- beauty routine and how to not spend excess money right off the bat when getting new products. This is important because any routine can sometimes get expensive; especially when you’re testing things out to see what works and what doesn’t it gets stressful. When I first started off building my routine, I definitely wasted money buying full sized products only to find out my skin did not agree with them at all. Luckily, I did purchase from Amazon and was able to return for the most part without problems,  the things I could not return got tossed.

The smartest thing any beginner in a skincare routine can do in my opinion is to purchase samples. Samples are an affordable way to test out products before making the big jump to a full-size product. They’re affordable and most companies are pretty generous with the number of samples they provide.

Here are some companies that you can purchase your K-Beauty samples From:

AMAZON: Amazon is a great company for buying most things these days and for me, K-Beauty is no exception. I usually can get things ordered via prime and have it there within 2 business days for my area. I always read reviews and check the store ratings before purchasing.  I have not run into any issues purchasing via Amazon utilizing this method. Their samples aren’t  large in selection but they do have some.

TESTERKOREA:  One of my favorite websites for K-beauty sample hauls.  Testerkorea has a wide variety of beauty samples ranging from Skinfood-Innisfree. They even have brands I’ve never tried before. One thing I like about them is the fact since it’s a large range of product, the samples are quite cheap, some as little as one dollar. You get a pretty decent quantity of samples for the price too. The downside of this site is because it ships from Korea, shipping can take some time depending on which shipping company you choose. Still, expect for it to take some time if you’re impatient this probably won’t be a good site for you to use.

GMARKETGmarket is similar to Testerkorea for Korean Beauty. They have a wide range of brands. While I have not used this one personally, I know several beauty friends who have and don’t have any issues when it comes to delivery. Be advised again, if long shipping times bother you, skip this site. 🙂

RoseRoseShopOne of my favorite eBay sellers, RoseRoseshop also has their own standalone store. They have great prices and the shipping you can expect similar to other online Korean stores. But I can honestly say they have great customer service and respond to all inquiries in a timely fashion. This is great for large hauls also.


While these are not ALL of the places to get samples, here are a few resources. Researching what you want to try and reading reviews are always awesome. Remember what works for one person’s face may not work for you. Give yourself 30 days (pending no immediate negative reactions) to test out a product. In K-beauty there is no your skin should get worse before it gets better. Ditch that product. But samples save you money and time. Building a skincare routine takes time and consistency. Do not try to rush your results.


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  1. I’m interested in ordering samples, but unsure of where to start. Are there some samples that I should definitely try?

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