Traveling With My K-Beauty Routine

Having a 10 step skincare routine can sometimes be a lot of work especially when traveling.  I get this question often about how do I personally fit my entire routine if I am traveling overnight, or even for a few days.  Here are a few tips I have learned to help you on your trips.

  1. SAMPLE IT UP:  One thing I learned is to pack as light as you can for a trip, depending on how many days you will be on your vacation. This is a great time to have sample sizes of your favorite products or even products you have been wanting to try. This is for those of you who like to not check their baggage or will only be gone for a couple of days.
  2.  DECANT: Another way to not take up too much space with beauty products is to put the products into a smaller container. It’s so simple, be sure to use sterilized containers and you can have your entire routine.
  3.  TAKE YOUR ESSENTIALS:  When I went to Costa Rica, I decided I did not need a serum, essence, an ampoule. I decided to take the most important things for my routine, a cleansing oil, my cleansing foam, a serum, sheet masks, toner, SPF, and a moisturizer. It was easy to pack in a Ziploc bag and go.
  4. TRAVEL-FRIENDLY PRODUCTS: If you know some of your products will leak in their normal container either decant it or leave it at home.  Nothing like having an expensive product leak all into your suitcase and you’re upset because it got into your clothes.

The best thing to remember is to keep things simple and enjoy your vacation. Don’t overthink packing your skincare routine so much you end up over-packing and carrying extra luggage around.  I had a blast on my trip and I did not have my skincare routine weighing down my luggage!!


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