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Disclosure Policy  So many people talk about having a morning routine and a nighttime skincare routine; but some people forget an also important step, working out and skincare. Recently I started back getting into my fitness goals, so I felt it was necessary to share with you all how I keep my skin together during these times.

  1. Removing Makeup: So let me start by saying, I’ve been the one who wanted to be cute while working out; that all changes when you have your eyeliner or mascara running into your eye during the middle of a hike. (It burns!) It’s best to carry some makeup wipes in your bag to remove all oil-based impurities from your skin before sweating it out.
  2.  SPF: A lot of the times my workouts are outdoors hiking, so I make sure that I keep my skin protected at all times. I use a lightweight SPF that will not clog my pores for my face and body.
  3.  Don’t touch your face: Whether in the gym or working out outdoors,  since your pores are opening more due to perspiration, it is important to keep your hands away from your face. Have a clean towel if you want to wipe the sweat off, try to avoid using your sweaty dirty shirt. Also, make sure after you’re done to cleanse your hands before attempting to cleanse face.
  4. Hydrate/Refresh: After working out, be sure to have a toner to refresh your skin’s pH and a moisturizer. I use Son &Park Beauty Water and apply more SPF if I leave a gym. But soon as I get home I shower, double cleanse and complete the rest of my beauty routine. It’s important that you aren’t leaving the sweat and dirt sitting on your face for long periods of time. That makes it easier for bacteria to get into your pores and causes breakouts.

These are the things I do to keep my skin from reacting during workouts and it helps me so much to keep my breakouts to a minimum. I also keep my hair tied up and out my face to keep the dirt, sweat, and oils from my hair off my face.  Whatever routine you make, it should be simple and quick. Enjoy working out and having great skin!

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