Mencare Mondays: 4 Steps To Starting Your Skincare Routine

Fellas, I know it may seem like you don’t need a lot of your skincare routine but some of you don’t do anything at all. Trust me, eventually, this will catch up to you as our skin texture changes as you age. Here are 4 steps to starting a skincare routine. Doing these consistently twice a day and you will see a huge difference in the overall appearance of your skin!


  1. Cleanse: The first step of any skincare routine is to clean your face. Talking to a few men I realized some typically don’t choose a facial cleanser based on their skin type, use bar soap, or just use a hot face towel and call it a day. Let me say, stop using soap on your face, especially the soap you use to cleanse your body. One, it’s very drying and strips your face of its natural moisture. If you have oily skin, this is a bad thing because dehydrated skin produces more oil. Finding a great water-based cleanser will have your face feeling like a million bucks.

2. Tone: An important step, many seem to skip over in skincare routines and why so many don’t accomplish their goals. Toning serves to further cleanse the skin, and refresh the skin’s pH while improving the overall clarity and texture.  There is a toner for each skin type and finding the one that works for you is key to having great skin health.

3.  Moisturize:  Keeping your skin moisturized prevents your skin from being dry, patchy and uneven. Since Cleansing removes oils from your face, replenishing your skin with added moisture is also beneficial.  No one likes an ashy face so make sure to moisturize twice a day. Please do not put body lotion on your face. Body lotions are thicker and can clog your pores, not only that the smells added can irritate your skin further.

4. SPF: Lastly, what is the purpose of creating a skincare routine and not protecting it? You must have SPF to really keep your skin in a healthy state. Yes, black men, this means you too.  Protect your skin from sun damage and other harmful elements by using and reapplying SPF throughout the day.


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