It’s Fall! (Sort of) Updating your K-Beauty Skincare Routine

Disclosure Policy I know what you’re thinking. It’s fall, it’s supposed to be getting cooler and yet, we are still experiencing weather in the 80s. Thanks, global warming (and Georgia). But still, I will be sharing with you all how I update my skincare routine to go along with the changing weather.

During the fall and winter, my oily/combo skin tends to lean towards the dry side of the skincare spectrum. I have to really make sure I am keeping my skin moisturized and healthy. I ditch my emulsions because they’re on the light side and my skin needs a tad bit more intensity.  Here are a few things I switch out/add to my fall K-beauty routine:

1.Heavier Moisturizer: During the fall my face has been loving heavy moisturizers. Last year I stuck with Cosrx BHA Blackhead Cream which is absolutely fantastic. It’s heavy but’s not greasy, my skin loved it and it absorbed easily. But this year,  I decided to give the new Cosrx Pha Moisture Renewal Power Cream a try. Honestly, I have yet to run across a Cosrx product my face does not love and this has been no exception. I currently only use this at night as it is a bit heavy for the hot afternoons here, but as it cools down this will be great for all-day wear. I also use a sleep pack during the fall. My current favorite is Skinfood Royal Honey Essential Queen’s Night Cream.

2. Eye Cream/Eye Sheet Masks: Now I tend to use the same under eye cream year round, believe it or not, this was my hardest product to find for my routine. I went thru several samples before I fell in love with Nature Republic’s Collagen Dream Eye Cream and have yet to find another that keeps mine under eye moisturized. During the fall and winter, my under eye tends to dry out easily and can leave dry patches if not kept hydrated. Using eye sheet masks and eye creams nightly help protect my super sensitive skin during these months.

3. Sheet Masks:  Like eye creams, sheet masks are used year-round in my routine but during the fall and winter I tend to use sheet masks 4 times a week and typically richer ones. For instance, my Skinfood horse fat sheet masks are perfect for the fall/winter seasons.  Recently, thanks to fellow K-beauty blogger TheWanderlustProject let me know about these great masks from Leaders Cosmetics that are AMAZING!!!  The White Truffle Oil Aquablend Oil Pocket Masks have instantly become a favorite, these masks are so rich and they leave my face feeling super hydrated and soft.

These are a few changes I make to my overall K-beauty routine to match the weather outside. I also use a facial steamer once a week and continue my SPF usage. Remember to keep your skin protected with SPF that is still a major step in your skincare routine. What are some changes you make to your skincare routine in the fall?

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