The Truth about Brightening Products in Korean Skincare

Affiliate Links  As a black woman who is deeply into Korean Skincare, I tend to get asked a lot about am I trying to bleach my skin using Korean products.  It’s always a question that will catch me off guard and I completely understand why I get asked this question. However,  let me just say this at the beginning of this post, I AM NEVER GONNA BLEACH MY BEAUTIFUL BLACK SKIN. Now that we got that part out the way, let’s get on to the real tea.Whitening/Brightening products are essentially just that. They are used to brighten (not bleach) the skin.  As you’ve noticed most Korean women who use Korean skincare have a nice bright glow to their skin. Brightening products help the overall health of the skin. Many of us suffer from dull, hyper-pigmented skin or even sun damage due to environmental factors, acne, etc. So the main ingredients in the brightening/whitening functions are to work to fix that.

There are different categories of brightening products: ones that slow down the pigment cells, one that stops the transfer of pigment, and lastly one that speeds up the cellular rate turnover. My favorite kind of brightening product so far has been Cosrx Triple C Lightening Liquid. Vitamin C has been my favorite kind of brightening product I’ve used. It has drastically cleared up my acne scarring and keeps my skin looking bright and glowy.  I also love sheet masks that have Niacinamide in them. Niacinamide works to stop PIH before it starts to appear.


And let’s be clear, yes there are products that can totally bleach your skin and are on the market because colorism is a serious issue in many countries. However, your Korean Skincare products purchased by authorized retailers are safe, and if you don’t sure check reviews and ingredients. Do your own just research. It’s perfectly okay you should know what you’re putting on your face.



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