MenCare Monday: Preventing Razor Bumps

Affiliate Link Disclosure Fellas who shave often run the risk of razor bumps. Razor bumps/ingrown hairs are irritated bumps on the skin that pop up after shaving when strands of hair curl back and grow into the skin. They are very painful and can leave scarring on the skin if picked at over time.  Don’t fret, you can stop these irritations and I am gonna share my tips to keep them from reoccurring.

  1. Prevention of razor bumps starts well before shaving: Using a quality razor is one of the most important things in a routine. Cheap razors with dull blades are not gonna be beneficial to you. Replace those blades frequently and if you use an electric razor, make sure you’re keeping those blades sanitized.
  2.  Exfoliation: Trying to shave without softening the hair is an extremely easy way to get razor bumps. Is the goal to eliminate them right? Using a facial scrub with aha’s such a glycolic acid is a great way to keep those pesky bumps away.
  3. Stop Shaving so much: Honestly shaving every day is irritating your skin. Try to lessen the frequency to possibly 2-3 times a week and see how your skin will thank you.
  4. Stay away from alcohol-based aftershaves: Alcohol dries out your skin more. Look for ingredients such a tea tree oil and aloe to help soothe the freshly shaved skin.
  5. Stop Putting body lotion on your face: Body lotion is usually a lot thicker than facial moisturizers and has fragrances that will irritate your skin. Look for a gentle moisturizer strictly for your face.

While these are just a few tips to assist you in your preventative methods; it never hurts to seek out a professional to help you with your skin. Keeping a skincare routine based on your skin type is very important and being consistent will help you in razor bump prevention.


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