My Top Non-K-Beauty Skincare Favs

Disclosure Everyone knows that I love Korean Skincare.  Before starting my K-beauty skincare journey, I swore nothing really worked for my skin. I even tried the natural route and that was a really frustrating experience. However, what I found when actually taking time to research, talk to professionals, and become consistent with a routine that my skin would soon flourish.  Also, once I became more comfortable in my research, I even picked up brands that may not be Asian, but they have become a staple in my routine.  Here are some of my absolute favorite Non-K-Beauty Skincare products:

Haus Urban Hydrating Facial Oil, $40.00

I was very fortunate to be sent this heaven in a bottle by the owner of Haus Urban to test out.  Haus Urban is an indie brand that uses all-natural ingredients for their products. Let me tell you this liquid gold in a bottle.  This serum is packed with potent botanicals that absorb into your skin to combat aging and restore skin elasticity.  After I use a peel this is a key element to moisturize my skin. It isn’t greasy at all and I love that for my acne prone skin, it doesn’t clog my pores.  During these crazy winter months, I have been layering the serum with my Cosrx Pha Renewal Cream and my face hasn’t felt better.  I definitely will be keeping this in stock. Well worth the price.

Haus Urban Double Time Facial Toner, $18.00

You probably see me on social media talking about my favorite toner Son & Park Beauty Water.  However, this double time toner is giving my beauty water a  good run for its money.  I absolutely love how refreshed my skin feels after using this toner. The willow bark extract gives my face a nice, gentle, natural exfoliation which I definitely appreciate. Also, the added tea tree oil helps soothe any inflammation I may have from acne. I honestly thought natural toners wouldn’t work from my past experiences but this definitely proved me wrong. I also take this toner in a little spray bottle when traveling.  My skin leans drier in the winter, so I tend to be using this more than my beauty water for a daily toner as it is less drying.

The Ordinary Aha 30%+ Bha  2% Peeling Solution, $7.20

Unless you live under a rock, you have probably heard about the skincare company called The Ordinary that sells seemingly quality acids for low prices.  This line definitely came in and shook the skincare industry up a little bit.  I still haven’t tried the entire line, but when fellow blogger Sheryll over at  The Wanderlust Project raved about this peeling solution I decided to try it out. If your skin is like mine, YOU NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE STAT! I was absolutely amazed the first time I used this peel; a blackhead that I had loosened and was easy to extract without scarring. Also, oil plugs were noticeable and easy to remove.  For $7.20 you say? Yes. It really is that price and you will notice a difference. If you are new to peels I would be careful trying something this strong.  My skin is brighter after using, and my texture has improved overall. Yes, it is a little drying,  I follow up with my Haus Urban serum and a sheet mask. You can’t beat it.


Now while these are the only three Non-K-Beauty staples; I am excited to try more in the future. Definitely, check out these brands and try them for yourself.


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