Skincare & Beauty Predictions For 2018

Happy New Year Everyone! For 2017 we saw the rise and fall of our favorite and most hated skincare and beauty trends; so I thought it would be fun to guess what 2018 would bring. However, I decided to do something different, I enlisted the help of some of my favorite skincare/ beauty enthusiasts to find out what their predictions would be. Want to find out what they thought? Keep Reading and See.

Nayamka: Licensed Esthetician 

“In 2018, I think skincare trends will move towards “internal” skincare. Ultimately the answer is just better nutrition, but it will be marketed as something quick & easy, like collagen ten, collagen capsules and skincare vitamins. Also, I think, the damaging effects of scrubs will become more common knowledge, and AHA will be a featured ingredient in nearly all new products.” 


Tiffany: Skincare Blogger

“As far as K-Beauty goes I predict there will be more expansion to wider (western) audiences now that Korean Beauty is becoming more mainstream and less of an amusing fad. As the Korean Beauty industry begins to become more familiar with American consumers I forsee deeper and darker shade makeup ranges expanded for more than just foundation. This means bb creams, lipsticks, blush, eyeshadow, liners, and more will soon be crafted with richer pigments to complimnet darker skin tones. The K-Beauty industry is long overdue for a cushion compact with available shades deeper than alabaster and cinnamon.”

Claudia: Skincare Blogger

“Saturn in Capricorn means a lot of cutting out the BS so I think we’re gonna see a lot of stripping down and focus on skincare and solid effective products as opposed to gimmicky stuff. I think Korean Beauty is going to continue to rise in popularity in America, I hope to be a part of that. Focus on skincare is gonna take us back to the integrity of formulas and a focus on flawless natural looking skin finishes.  I think 2018 will be about great skin and glowing complexions. I predict dewy skin, fresh faces, and just cutting back on the dramatics of eyeshadow and focusing o pops of color on lip or cheek. I predict less contour, more highlight, less winged liner and cut creases.”

Tracy: Skincare Blogger

”  More choices. It would be easy to think K-beauty has peaked in the US (it’s already so huge!), but more is coming. It looked like China and Korea were back to being on good terms, which would have allowed Korea to most focus once again on selling cosmetics to China, but then things turned suddenly sour in December. K-beauty brands and even retailers are realizing that they need to branch out, so that means that US, European, and Middle Eastern shoppers will see even more options in 2018.  More legit K-beauty on Amazon. Brands are realizing that they can cut out the middleman and sell directly to US customers via Amazon. This means potentially lower prices for us, more profits for them, and more brands to pick from. More customization. Major (Innisfree) and small (Monthly Cosmetics) cosmetics brands are introducing more products that can be customized for the needs and wishes of each person, almost endlessly. It will be interesting to see how K-beauty brands customize products for fans outside of Korea, but it looks like US flagships such as Innisfree’s new NYC store are already doing this.”


Brie: Licensed Esthetician 

“I think that as far as skincare in the new year I’d like to see brands producing intensive kits that target specific skin concerns, mostly for brown skin. It’d be cool if there was an entire system that could be kind of customizable such as SPF, the correct exfoliant, and moisturizer for whatever skin type. I know some of these systems exist but I’d like to see them include more concentrated ingredients and actually beneficial. Also I think people are becoming more aware of their skin type. So my hope is that ppl focus more of their own results as opposed to what may be trendy or what their favorite influencer might use!”


KennieJD: K-Beauty Vlogger

“I predict more simplified skin care products. 2-in-1 and similar products that make the daily routine more convenient. More products like pyung kangYul toner essence. Also, I think there will darker face products. I can just feel it.”


Shanta: Beauty Blogger


“I predict a snail slime boom in 2018. It is packed with hyaluronic acid and copper peptides, which are two of the most beneficial ingredients for youthful, hydrated, soft skin.”
“My prediction is that skincare is going to be more science/ingredient focused. People are becoming interested in skincare actually being functional and care about what is going in their products and what ingredients are effective. The Ordinary’s success is a huge example of this. I expect a lot of other brands to follow suit.”
One thing you can say about skincare, the trends are either a hit or a miss. What are some 2018 skincare predictions you want to see? Comment and let us know what you think!  Be sure to check out all of these wonderful women’s sites and support!

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