Your Décolletage Area: An Important Part Of Your Skincare Routine

Most of us have been doing the work to get our skin in check, battling all the skincare issues we’ve had throughout the years and it’s great. But, some things I’ve noticed is a lot of people tend to neglect certain areas that are very important in a facial routine. The décolletage area or better known as your upper chest area; (the neck, cleavage, and shoulders.) is something that should never be skipped in your daily face routine and I am gonna give you a few reasons why.


Did you know your neckline is the first place where you start to show aging?  That area is very sensitive and produces fewer oils than your face since the skin there is thinner.  Sun damage is prominent in this area since its most exposed so skipping SPF is not an option.

Also, cleansing your neckline the same way you do your face is important. For me personally, any product I use on my face I also use there.  There is nothing more frustrating to me to have a nice beat face and have acne scarring on my neckline or a pimple for the world to see. So I make sure to keep that area the same way I do my face. During the summer I do love wearing maxi dresses, so I make sure to keep my SPF in my purse to reapply to those areas the same way I would my face. I also use sheet masks on my neck, usually, it’s the same one I just applied to my face. Sometimes if I run across a neck sheet mask I may grab one, but it’s not necessary for me.

So if you have been neglecting your neckline, today is the day to start making the necessary changes to your routine.

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