It’s been awhile. I actually didn’t mean to to take such an extended break from blogging actively, it’s just something that happened. And honestly? I kind of enjoyed the break. I started some new personal career ventures to take it to the next level, and have been trying to work on myself. Blogging for a minute, became weird and it stopped being fun so I took a step back. Now, I want it to go back to the original reason I started this blog. To talk about skincare and my journey with my skincare routine. It’s not about the following, or the money anymore even though it was nice. I genuinely want to keep this at a hobby level and just engage with other skincare enthusiasts or people who want to know more about Korean Skincare. So I appreciate the love during my hiatus, and let’s keep this momentum going. I have a lot to talk about!

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  1. I’m so glad you’re back!! Missed your posts tremendously and have been having withdrawals. A chick needs a post every once in a while lol….I kid, but i’m happy that you engaged in a bit of self-care while on the hiatus. Can we talk about my new-found love for ferments??!!! GIRRRRLLLL….

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