Skincare & Beauty Predictions For 2018

Happy New Year Everyone! For 2017 we saw the rise and fall of our favorite and most hated skincare and beauty trends; so I thought it would be fun to guess what 2018 would bring. However, I decided to do something different, I enlisted the help of some of my favorite skincare/ beauty enthusiasts to […]

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My Top Non-K-Beauty Skincare Favs

Everyone knows that I love Korean Skincare.  Before starting my K-beauty skincare journey, I swore nothing really worked for my skin. I even tried the natural route and that was a really frustrating experience. However, what I found when actually taking time to research, talk to professionals, and become consistent with a routine that my […]

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MenCare Monday: Preventing Razor Bumps

Fellas who shave often run the risk of razor bumps. Razor bumps/ingrown hairs are irritated bumps on the skin that pop up after shaving when strands of hair curl back and grow into the skin. They are very painful and can leave scarring on the skin if picked at over time.  Don’t fret, you can […]

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