My Top Three Favorite Sheet Mask Brands

Disclosure Policy As most of you know by now, I love sheet masks. They serve an important part of my skin care routine and I use them 3-4 times a week. A question I get often is what are some of my favorite sheet masks.  While I haven’t tried every mask that exists, I decided to share some of  my favorite sheet mask brands and why I love them so much.


    1. Nature RepublicI feel like Nature Republic does not get a lot of love when it comes to sheet masks, and this happens to be my favorite beginner sheet mask pack.  These were the first Korean sheet masks I tried and I fell in love. They have different ingredients ranging from tomato to shea butter and my skin loves them all. I find these to be affordable and again great for those who have never used a sheet mask looking for somewhere to start.

  1. MedihealMediheal sheet masks offer so many different varieties of sheet masks that I haven’t come close to testing them all. My favorite  Placenta Revital masks have been so beneficial to my skin after using a peel or a hormonal breakout. Another favorite for when my cystic acne flares is the P.D.F A.C Dressing sheet mask, it helps sooth my irritated skin which is awesome.

3. Leaders: Like Mediheal, Leaders is another  brand that has tons of different sheet mask that cater to specifc skin types and skin concerns. I definitely keep a stash of Leaders sheet masks at all times I love them so much! My favorite Leaders Sheet Mask might have to be “What Happened Last Night?” or “Too Much Fun In the Sun.” These two maks get a lot of use and my skin always feels so great after using any of their sheet masks. I usually swing by Ulta to pick up a couple, but I have found these at my local TJ Maxx and online at Amazon.

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